Military Pride

People joining the military in the United States are proud Americans wishing to serve and protect their country. This week marks the one-year anniversary of full repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” This policy was initially put into place as a compromise between LGBT advocates and the conservatives during the Clinton administration. Because of that repeal gay, lesbian, and bisexual members of the military have been able to serve and protect their country without the discrimination and fear of discharge from the military.

I am a firm believer that all people should be able to be who they are, openly express who they are, and be accepted for who they are. With the repeal of DADT, the people that put their lives on the line for this country do not have to worry about suppressing who they really are.

In McCain’s fight for preventing lesbian, gay, and bisexual members of the armed forces, he claimed it would “harm the battle effectiveness vital to the survival of our young men and women in the military.” Apart from that being a ridiculous sentiment altogether, a report released by UCLA’s Palm Center found that the repeal of DADT had no negative impact on the armed forces. Moreover, it found that the change may have increased troop cohesion by building respect and understanding within the ranks. (source: Take that McCain.

The members of the US military shouldn’t be categorized into subgroups that differentiate them and prevent them from protecting their country. It’s good to know that finally, not lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and straight people can serve their country, but that AMERICANS can serve their country.

For we are not a nation that says, ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’ We are a nation that says, ‘Out of Many, We Are One’

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama’s signing of the the repeal was a cornerstone in his presidency. The DADT policy set forth a backwards approach to our forward thinking country. We would like to commemorate our president’s affirmation to allowing gays and lesbians openly serve our country in the military. Governor Romney carries his trademark flip-flop position on this matter, criticizing our president’s decision and furthering his rather “political” and conservative viewpoints on the matter. As a community, LGBT Americans cannot afford to have a president that goes back and forth on policies involving their career, such as serving in the military. In fact, there are many rights and benefits that open serving gay and lesbian military personnel that are still missing equalities, rights and benefits that other serving military have. LGBT Americans need a strong leader. LGBT Americans need Barack Obama.


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