Education of the LGBT Community: Good or Bad?

One of the major counter arguments to the marriage equality movement is the possibility that schools would have to teach students about alternative lifestyles, specifically the lifestyles of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Many parents are concerned about their children developing pro-LGBT opinions, and furthering those opinions as acceptable.

This type of argument is built on ignorance and hate. American school systems are able to prevent the widespread hate crimes and bullying through comprehensive programs that teach students about LGBT people. Because many school systems are missing these programs, it comes to no surprise that many students are assuming their opinions of LGBT lifestyles from their parents and guardians. Coincidentally, much of the bullying and hate crimes appear as early as elementary school and progress throughout their lives. The majority of these parents and guardians have grown up in a time where sodomy was considered illegal, and that LGBT people “chose” their sexual orientation. According to a report conducted by the Human Rights Campaign, 92 percent of 10,000 gay youth say they heard negative messages about being LGBT through school, the Internet and peers, while 42 percent say the community they live in is not accepting of LGBT people. In today’s society, the youth of America is facing issues of bullying and hate crimes in growing numbers, potentially resulting in suicide and murder for many teenagers.

Back in 2001, a California task force recommended that all curricula include alternative sexual lifestyles. Similarly, in 2006, a federal judge in Massachusetts enacted a rule that schools were to teach students that there was a “moral equivalency” between heterosexual and homosexual relationships – with no need to ask for permission from parents. Both of these acts received much criticism from parents across the country as being controversial policies.

We find it appalling that people are advocating against the education of LGBT lifestyles. If anything, all human beings – U.S. citizen or otherwise – should support tolerance for LGBT people, and give the same respect and equality that they receive from LGBT people. Considering our president’s public appearances at Human Rights Campaign events, we can see how forward and progressive President Barack Obama is. If former Governor Mitt Romney were elected into the executive position, we can only predict what types of advocacy that he would support. In the video clip below, we can see how Romney reacted to a lesbian couple during his governorship of Massachusetts.

In a changing landscape of opinions, where do you stand on education of the LGBT community?


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