Obamacare Equality

One of the major struggles in marriage equality has been the advocacy for equal healthcare benefits. Specifically, this initiative is geared to promote equity and inclusive healthcare for LGBT patients and their families, just as any other patient and their family deserves.

In many dire circumstances, we are physically incapable of making medical choices or say if you want someone to visit you. During these types of situations, there are strict visitation rules, such as only allowing family members see you. Being a part of a LGBT couple or family restricts many Americans from making these decisions or visiting their loved ones.

Because they are prohibited from marrying, gay and lesbian partners too often have to argue their right to hospital visits with ill loved ones. National standards for hospital accreditation allow visitation to family members; people not legally related are considered family members if they play a significant role in the patient’s life. 

Lambda Legal Website

Things happen, it’s the truth. We get sick, we get hurt and we go to the hospital to get better. President Barack Obama has been a strong advocate in promoting the LGBT community for healthcare rights. During Obama’s presidency, we have seen a significant push in addressing the needs of LGBT patients and their families, such as visitation rights and other healthcare issues. For instance, President Obama has ensured equal access to healthcare by enabling searches for health plans with same-sex partner benefits. President Obama’s outright support of the repeal of DOMA and advocacy towards legalizing gay marriages gives way to stronger healthcare rights and benefits. Governor Mitt Romney’s support for a potential federal amendment defining marriage as one man and one woman has the potential to complicate these rights that President Obama defended for.


President Barack Obama wins the most progressive in LGBT advocacy award in our eyes. Never in the past, has a president been so socially liberal to guarantee rights for LGBT Americans and side with equality.


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