Cults For Traditional Marriage

In this stage of LGBT rights, we are seeing many organizations forming against the progress and advances for the legalization of gay marriage, against both state and federal. These organizations are building coalitions that harbor anti-gay sentiments stemming from ignorance and hate.

We have all heard about the National Organization for Marriage’s outright opposition to gay marriage, but it seems like the traditional marriage supporters are forming more and more right-wing/Christian groups. The TFP Student Action is a project from the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property. Similarly, TFP advocates the same viewpoints that the NOM holds. But unlike the majority of newly emerging groups, this was established to counter and resist the new found “liberal, socialist and communist trends, and affirm positive values of conservatism.” This is a student run group which is said to upkeep traditional moral values. TFP is an alliance of students and parents whom practice activism  host conferences, conduct online petitions, therapy camps, and have publications.

The TFP takes a planted stance on marriage and believe that same-sex marriage is wrong and should not happen. In fact they have compiled a list 10 reasons as to why it should not exist.

The TFP Claims:

  1. It is not marriage
  2. It violates natural law
  3. It always denies a child either a father or a mother
  4. It validates and promotes the homosexual lifestyle
  5. It turns a moral wrong into a Civil Right
  6. It does not create a family but a sterile union
  7. It defeats the State’s purpose of benefiting marriage
  8. It imposes its acceptance on all society
  9. It is the cutting edge of the sexual revolution
  10. It offends God

This is what they do:

Now if you take a good look at the claims they make against society are from a narrow point of view. They claim that “calling something marriage isn’t marriage and it is a covenant between only a man and a woman.” After reading that statement, I questioned as to whom mandates the terms of marriage? The argument that TFP presents is poorly constructed lacking credibility. In addition they make empty claims about how children are denied proper  parenting. Most of the material generated by the TFP is a smear campaign to perpetuate false stereotypes and religious interpretations against same sex marriage.

Gay families like Straight families alike should be honored. The union and affection of two people should not be prohibited. Activist groups against gay marriage use the idea of gay parents lacking morality, when it is just ignorance that is clouding their judgement.

The celebrated Zach Wahls made a powerful speech in defense of his gay parents, and how sexual orientation or identity does not factor into the raising of a child.

Wahls’ Speech

In short, our country cannot weather having an administration that would support organizations and viewpoints similar to the TFP Student Action group. President Barack Obama has been fervent in his support in all rights and equalities for the LGBT American community. In contrast, Governor Mitt Romney’s up and down public statements in regard to the LGBT community is disheartening and confusing. Voting for Barack Obama is another step forward in this new found era of LGBT rights, with the sitting president in open support of gay marriage.


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