Kentucky Junkies Acquitted? (NBC News)

“I was too drunk to hate”, was the defense of Anthony Ray Jenkins and his cousin David Jason Jenkins. They were charged for the brutal beating of 29 year-old Kevin Pennington who was supposedly drugged prior to the beating.

The story goes as follows, Anthony Ray Jenkins and David Jason Jenkins violated a hate crime law from 2009 that covered assaults motivated by bias against gays, lesbians and transgendered people. This argument was ignored because the boys were “too drunk” with “21 beers” in their system to even be able to comprehensively create a plan against Kevin Pennington. They also used a ridiculous defense that Anthony Jenkin’s IQ is only a 75. So what? You’re too stupid to hate? Or you’re too stupid to know what’s right and wrong?

This whole story is full of excuses. They’re from the deep south and they masque the historically conservative, anti-gay beliefs. A witness said they were screaming anti-gay slurs while beating Kevin Pennington! Were they too stupid to know what they were saying? I think that alone makes the case.

The hate-crime charges were acquitted but they are still facing charges on kidnapping and conspiracy to a kidnapping.

Click here to read more about this trial: Kentucky hate-crime acquittal

I’m thinking the judges had an IQ of 75.


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