Obama for LGBT

Our official endorsement: Barack Obama

Since the day of the election comes only a few days away, we would like to summarize our initial goals and affirm our stance on equal rights for LGBT Americans. By voting this election for Barack Obama, we are able to further our progress on gaining rights for LGBT Americans. The LGBT community is very much like the heterosexual community. The LGBT community enjoys equal health care benefits, the ability to serve freely in the military, a life where you aren’t bullied in school – for being LGBT, or otherwise – and right to marry someone of the same sex.

First of all, President Barack Obama has been the only sitting president to openly advocate for the rights of LGBT Americans, let alone his evolving position in support for gay marriage. Under the Obama administration, we have seen strong efforts in the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” This policy – signed under the Clinton administration – forced serving military to never disclose their sexual identity, and all servicemen were unable to question them either. In terms of hate crimes and bullying, President Obama has been fervently against the many policies and inequalities that LGBT Americans face. Additionally, we have seen our president be filmed in a YouTube video for the “It Gets Better” campaign. Truly, the Obama administration has been the most progressive in the furthering of rights for the LGBT community; there is no comparison!

Governor Mitt Romney and Senator Paul Ryan have consistently opposed furthering the rights of LGBT Americans, and have even gone as far as advocating for backwards policies reminiscent of the Bush administration. Gov. Romney’s advocacy for traditional marriage was solidified as he has stated his support for a federal law defining marriage as one man and one woman. Gov. Romney has also expressed his support for the continuation of the “Defense of Marriage Act” which leaves many federal rights out of the hands for LGBT Americans, while the ability to marry is left in the control of state governments. If this type of policy were passed under Congress, LGBT Americans could potentially lose many rights and equalities that they hold today. Gov. Romney has gone as far as to label the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” as a “social experiment.” The American LGBT community cannot weather an administration lead by a man with such hateful opinions, and leave unscathed.

Although many Americans may hold an anti-voting view in the past, we cannot express how much of an impact your vote may have. Every major change in our culture starts with one idea, one voice or one vote.  Our founding fathers established a government that stems its power directly from the citizens. Today, our nation is facing a tough decision this November 6th, and the past four years has been monumental for the American LGBT community. We have seen much progress and yet there are still many issues that the LGBT community carries today. President Barack Obama has been the voice that many LGBT Americans have been yearning for. The American LGBT community is just another American community, except there is a large gap of inequality that exists today. Voting for Barack Obama can only further the goals and initiatives of equality for the LGBT community.



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